Web Cameras


Smash Lunch Web Camera installs provide a visual link to areas that require remote surveillance. Web Cameras can also create dramatic scenes viewable from anywhere in the world. Time-lapse photography gives organizations peace of mind during construction projects, and motion sensors and DVR recording equipment provide supervision when there isn't anyone around. Smash Lunch installs web camera systems to fit the specific needs of the client. Our web cameras are hand picked for ruggedness, durability, and image quality.



( Below is a list of installed cameras. Click on the text or the picture to see the live image. )



Centennial Web CameraCentennial Web Camera - Mountain View Hotel

Centennial Web Camera





















Laramie Web CameraLaramie Web Camera - White Hall Residence Hall

Laramie Web Camera




Web Camera SalesThe Oasis - Private Residence Camera

-Weather Station Add On (see readout in top left)

Oasis Web Camera




Web Camera InstallationLookout Web Camera - Private Residence Camera

Lookout Web Camera